Born into a polygamous Mormon sect and orphaned at age three, Laurie Allen was raised in communal polygamous enclaves in Mexico and the Southwest. When she was eight, her polygamist uncle kidnapped Laurie from Chihuahua and fled to Central America, keeping her as his interpreter and slave. Laurie never finished the fourth grade, but fought off the religious indoctrination and at age sixteen, escaped by jumping out a second story window in Nicaragua, eventually finding passage back to the United States. Fluent in Spanish and dedicated to freedom and human rights, she earned a college degree and went on to film school. BANKING ON HEAVEN exposes a cult similar to the one that nearly absorbed her when she was young and vulnerable.
Laurie Allen’s background makes her the one filmmaker who could produce BANKING ON HEAVEN, a documentary about abuse and corruption in the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints), America’s largest polygamous sect.


Producer: Banking on Heaven, Hidden in the Heartland

Executive Producer: Follow The Prophet

Director: Moonshine, Way Out West, Hana (Best Actress)




Dot Reidelbach is a documentary filmmaker with a background is business, along with an extensive history of foreign travel and research. She specializes in films about unusual people in strange circumstances. She spent 15 years researching Mormon history prior to directing Banking on Heaven. Her short films have been screened at numerous film festivals worldwide, and have won Best Film, Best Director, Audience Favorite, and Best Short Documentary.


Scotty’s Castle

Storming Motown

Midgets in Hollywood

Hidden in the Heartland

Lives of Marilyn Sunderman

Producer: Hana (Best Actress)